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Welcome to Twinland

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Twinland Books are more than just colorful pictures and fun-filled stories. They are a great way for parents and teachers to expand children’s vocabulary and introduce new concepts. Use this teaching plan and enjoy watching your child learn!

Book Summary

Mayor Bowbow is worried that his beloved town of Twinlandhas become a laughingstock. There is much hustle and bustle as people come to see what a town full of twins is like. Visitors look and stare because there are all kinds of twins everywhere. But twins are just people too, so Mayor Bowbow must decide what to do. Should he pass a new law? All the townspeoplecome out to have their say at a special town hall meeting.

Teaching the book

Welcome to Twinland provides a lighthearted lesson about accepting and respecting the differences of others. The book provides an opportunity to teach young children a judgmental free, easy to understand lesson about how people can be different, yet the same.

It provides teaching opportunities to:

1. Connect text with illustrations

2. Explore the concept of same and different in people

3. Learn about the different types of twins

4. Discuss diversity from multiple aspects-body type, race, gender, birth type

5. Working together to make decisions

Theme Focus: Respecting differences

Comprehension Focus: Similarities and differences

Language Focus: Contrasting Words

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