Just Noah, Just Judah

Welcome to Twinland

Amy and Adam know just what to say when friends ask, "How can it be that you are a he and your twin is a she?" The second book in this fun series explores how different twins can be!

A He and a She

Just Noah, Just Judah is the premier book in the TwinLand series. Noah and Judah want to know why people point and stare when they are out anywhere. Just what is a twin, anyway?

Twinland is over run with people who are curious to see how a town full of twins could possibly be. They look and they stare. There are all kinds of twins, everywhere. But twins are just people, too. So Mayor Bowbo must decide what to do. Welcome to Twinland provides a lighthearted lesson about accepting and respecting the differences of others. The book includes a structured lesson plan including the concept of same and different, working together to make decisions and respecting others.